About Us


The North Texas Regional P-16 Council members believe:

  • all students can learn;
  • success occurs when access to educational opportunities is equitable and widespread;
  • educational and community initiatives should be available to all students, at all levels, and facilitate student learning leading to educated and workforce-capable citizens who are ready to compete in a global marketplace; and
  • student success depends on collaboration among PK-12 schools; postsecondary educational institutions; families; businesses; faith-based groups; local, state, and federal agencies; workforce systems; and philanthropic and community organizations.

The North Texas Regional P-16 Council serves as the leading P-16 Council in Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant counties and the Metroplex Region, in the state of Texas, and beyond by facilitating quality support services, provided by its members, that result in and maintain the highest level of educational engagement for all students leading to success in work and life.

The North Texas Regional P-16 Council provides networking and collaborating opportunities across all levels of education along with families, businesses, workforce systems, faith-based groups, local, state, and federal agencies, and philanthropic and community organizations to advance the education of all students and to close the gaps in students' academic access and achievements.

The North Texas Regional P-16 Council will:

  • support educational and community initiatives that create a college-going culture, especially among students from underrepresented groups in higher education;
  • develop collaborative relationships and resources that promote education and produce educated citizens who are workforce ready;
  • support the development of educators who understand and promote the diverse needs of communities and workplaces; and
  • increase understanding of educational, transitional,  and career pathways among student, families, educators, and leaders.

         Approved 09.29.2015